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My name is Andrea Percechitto.

I'm founder and Cake Designer of Brigadeiroo and my passion for confectionery started in early 2016 when I started selling brigadeiro at work in Brazil to finance my exchange program in Australia.

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I live with my family, husband and little girl in Perth (Australia) which is one of my favorite places in the world.

We came to Australia in 2017 and we had to adapt our recipe to conquer the Australian taste and I founded Brigadeiroo, a company specializing in truffles, desserts and decorated and festive cakes in buttercream with unique cake flavors and incredible personalized decoration.

We started to have a great demand for cakes for big events, that's when I started to study and delve into the pastry shop and became an expert in buttercream icing cakes.


We use a variety of techniques to create designs, patterns and other elements that will be used to add detail to your cake design and make your celebration unique.

And since then, our cakes are winning even more the hearts of all nationalities in Australia and being part of sweet moments of celebration.

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"Cake designers are responsible for creating tasty, beautiful and eye-catching cakes, because every cake has a story to tell."

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